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  • Jaguar Field Trip

    24 October
    Dear students,   The Cultural Office is organising a field visit to the car factory Jaguar, ...
Dear Students: Kuwait Cultural Office wishes to announce the launching of the new website KCOUK.org, where you will find all the necessary information to make you academic and living life easier from the moment you leave your home until and beyond graduation. We have completed the first stage of our project, and the system will be complete once we completed the fourth stage. The system, that was designed by the Cultural Office, contains several gateways, some of these are already available for use such as “Universities’ guide”, “Registration”, “Offer Approval”, “Parents” and “Sponsors” gateways. Other gateways are still under construction and will be available for use in few months such as “Student” and “Certification and Equivalency”..etc. In this regard, we urge all students to register online as soon as possible so that they can benefit from the many applications in the near future. We, also, wish to alert students to the importance of obtaining an “Offer Approval” online by simply entering their personal data, and uploading the necessary documents. We welcome your suggestions, please email yasmina@kcouk.org Read more